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Understanding Our Godness in Today’s World

Being in church unlocks the serenity of the moment.

Today is the feast day of the baptism of Jesus the Nazarene by John the Baptist.  John, who is said to have been the cousin of Jesus was actively baptizing folks in or around the Jordan River.

The question asked and answered was why if Jesus was God and perfect, did He submit Himself to the lowly human exercise of washing one’s sins from the imperfect human form?

Our celebrant went on to suggest Jesus did it to show His love for the rest of humanity, for all the souls He will save with His death and resurrection.

How do we know God?

What if there was some other purpose?  Did Jesus still require the cleansing of original sin.  What if He was aspiring to the Christ as He hoped we all did?

Jesus was never referred to as the Christ back in His day.  There was no mention of Christians.  What if He knew we all have the Christ available to us and that is what we must seek out?

Are we God?

We’re not perfect, but we are all made in the image and likeness of our Creator.  We are spirit beings.  Something more than the bag of organic chemicals that we drag around here on Earth.

If we were ever to treat each other as the Christ we are, the God we are part of, wouldn’t that stand a few things on their heads?

Wars would cease, economic systems would collapse, the structure and hierarchy of religion would be forever changed.
Are all these human structures keeping us from realizing our own Godness?