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Private Air Travel Requires No Records and Little Security

Reading a novel on vacation is time well spent.  There’s little opportunity for it otherwise.  This summer while lazing on the shores of Indian Lake near Dowagiac, Michigan, I finished Nelson DeMille’s Wild Fire. One item touched on by the main character continues to resonate: private air travel, referred to as general aviation requires very… Continue Reading

New Government Plan to Limit Obesity

Today, the US Government announced a new plan to eliminate obesity in America.  The new plan is aimed squarely at over-eating or for that matter, eating at all. The Secretary of Health and Human Services announced today the suspension of all Food and Drug Inspectors.  “We intend to let farmers farm and businessmen sell whatever… Continue Reading

Lessons from the Good Samaritan

John Quinones, ABC investigative reporter and host of “What would you do?”, highlighted a psychological experiment titled “Would you be a good Samaritan?” on Tuesday 8/17/2010.  Although I found it to be informative, there was not any earth shattering revelations to those of us that believe people are basically good, and given the opportunity, will… Continue Reading