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Trust your Mom | Get comfortable hanging with different social levels

Many of us are uncomfortable hanging with folks who have more toys or nicer houses, more money or more powerful positions of influence. I never gave it a second thought.

The more difference there was the more interested I became in finding out what was going on. Why did they have more? How did they get it?

It devastated my ex-wife. She could never get comfortable with the fact that someone had something and we didn’t; why would they find her interesting?  That thought alone may have made it more difficult to bridge any differences.  Unfortunate for both of us.  When she did make an effort to investigate the circle she felt rebuffed.

The smell of fear and acknowledgement that you may not belong is a strong deterrent.

Trust Your Mom: Get Comfortable Hanging with People Who are Different

Much to my mother’s credit we were encouraged to just march in there as though we belonged.  My mom grew up poor in a Pennsylvania coal mining town.  She had her game down to a science.  She gave her kids one of the most important things a child can be given: faith in themselves.

With her urging I grew up seeking out these groups, the ones who were different.   I needed to know.  I was exploring unknown worlds while still returning to my base of formation and influence.

We grow by stretching our comfort, stretching our minds.  Seeking out the differences, perhaps awkwardly at first has helped me become a better person.  Trust your Mom.

Thanks, mom.





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