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They’re Alive!

Pets, Plants and OpossumsDog digging in Northern Virginia

“Honey, the dog is digging in the garden”, my spouse yells to me from the kitchen.  I look at my current project scattered about the floor in the guy garage.  Several hours ago I planted those flowers and staked a few tomato plants. The flowers were just beginning to bloom.  And now the f!?*!ing dog is tearing them up?

And then I remember, all of those, our new dog, the flowers and the vegetables are in our care.

We have a dog!Mechanicsville, VA puppy

And a garden!

We’ll pick fresh fruit and vegetables, cut flowers and the dog will keep the deer away.

First I have to get the dog out of the garden, the plants watered and the holes filled.  Then I’ll be able to get back to my project scattered on the floor before someone drives over it…

Our Pets, dogs, cats, birds, fury little creatures like hamsters and ferrets and even the ones with scales: snakes and lizards.

Our Trees, our plants, the landscape surrounding our homes and communities.

Northern Virginia flowering tree

They’re all Alive!