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We’re Back – the Daily Adventure Survives Hijacking Malware

We’re back!  We survived hijacking malware.  We have access to the back office again.

Your Daily Adventure was the subject of a hijacking malware.  The nefarious web criminals planted various java scripts throughout the site redirecting pages to their content.

Most of those pages were unsavory content, the kind you wouldn’t want your mother to know you were looking at.

Get professional help

We are adventurers, not techno guys.  We didn’t even know it was happening.  But, thanks to some great detective work by Sucuri Security the site has been cleaned and with their help will remain that way.

hijacking malware

We want to get GatrDun back for some great tips on home maintenance issues and of course, the Man Cave.  Mr Natural will be here with gardening, our environment, the outdoors and tales of the ridiculous.

It will take time and effort to restore the site beyond its original condition as many of the articles and pictures were unpublished and made drafts or worse yet, trashed.  But, we will labor on.  We want you to rely on the Daily Adventure for a good giggle or some off-beat how to do it information.

In the meantime, let us know about your Daily Adventure.

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