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Virginia | Stay Out of My Bedroom and Go Hands Free

From the Shenandoah Mountains to the shores of the lower cape to the majesty of the Chesapeake Bay, Virginia has beautiful vistas and memorable views.

I went on a overnight camping trip on the Blue Ridge with a friend from high school not long after we graduated.  Even though that was nearly forty years ago I still have snapshots of the adventure in my mind.  One that stands out is the sight of two cans of pork and beans cooking over hot coals.

Virginia also has a few major absurdities.  And there are a couple which truly stand out and one that is slowly making an appearance that needs to be stopped in its tracks early.

Most other states and federal districts surrounding Virginia have made it illegal to drive while holding and speaking on a phone.  Virginia realizes the danger of distracted driving as pointed out on this Virginia mortgage blog.  I am thankful it is illegal to text and drive.  But, being allowed to have a phone in your hands creates the possibility to do it anyway.  The temptation looms large.

Virginia, for God’s sake, go hands free!

Once again Virginia is meddling in everyone’s bedroom affairs.  One of the current candidates for governor, Ken Cuccinelli wants everyone to believe that everybody else is a sexual degenerate.  Asking the SCOTUS to criminalize oral sex between consenting adults and even a married couple is a classic example of creating a moral panic, and then harnessing the resulting fear and anger for political gain.  Travesty!

For the love of Pete, Stop Scarring People!

Northern Virginia is grumpy.  I’m not sure when it became grumpy or if it’s been like that for awhile.  Fewer and fewer people are smiling.  They’re gruff.  Too many are downright rude.  Especially some drivers.

Everyone’s in a hurray.  Not enough time to stop, say hello and exchange pleasantries.  Hopefully, you and I will not let this happen.  We will smile at people.  We will engage them with a joke or two.  We’ll gladly let others cut us off in traffic and instead of flipping them the bird with scowls on our face we will gladly wave at them.

I don’t want Northern Virginia to become New York City.  I don’t want it to be cold and hard.  Let’s keep it warm and fuzzy and feeling like a community of common interests.  It is our Commonwealth.

If you’re walking down the street or out of a store and someone smiles and says hi, smile back please.  It could be me. And go hands free.



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