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Scheduling Time for a Morning Walk in the Rain

We met a warm spring day with a morning walk to the car, an umbrella in hand.  The clouds and rain had moved in over night.  The ground was wet and the windshield wipers were put in use every few minutes to clear the car’s windshield.

I was driving my son to school and he was already late for the first bell.  With the end of his high school career in sight, senioritis had set in weeks ago, if not months.

As we drove, we both noticed an older couple, most likely retired out for their morning walk.  Between the drops of rain.  I probably sighed – retirement seemed so far off in the future.  This couple appeared to be free of the required jaunt to an office cubicle.

Unexpectedly, he says, “I’d like to go for a morning walk.  Cuz it’s raining.  I love these kind of days.”  I was surprised by the force of his statement.  It has been difficult to get him to do anything that didn’t involve a video screen.

When I suggested that a walk was indeed available to him each and every day, he just shrugged his shoulders and slouched a little further down in his seat.  There is school he countered.

Deciding on a morning walk

Yes, but… People get up earlier and walk, run, go to the gym.  They make it a priority.  They schedule the time to do what they like.  They sidestep the responsibilities of their lives and carve out a bit of time for their own pursuits.

Once you get the hang of it, you end up carving out time for others.

Making a decision to change your habits is one of the most powerful things a person can do.



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