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We Know Not What They Do

When human life is potentially at risk the usual course is to study the situation before taking any further action.

Imagine if you will, any airline getting a law passed that allowed their planes to keep flying while conflicted bureaucrats studied why its batteries caught fire in midflight.  Boeing had this problem with its Dreamliner and the plane was grounded while the tests were conducted.

But if you are a corporation with strong ties to the current administration and your executives have a history of using a revolving door to senior agency positions within the government you might be able to circumvent traditional safeguards.

Monsanto is just such a case in point.

This GMO producer recently short-circuited the safety process by lobbying Washington lawmakers to slip a provision into a bill that President Barack Obama signed into law.  It requires the U.S. Department of Agriculture to ignore court rulings and permit planting of genetically engineered crops — even if courts deem them potentially unsafe — as the agency conducts further reviews.

Monsanto needed the USDA’s permission to release new GMOs into the biosphere.  When the USDA signed off without conducting adequate research, activists asked the courts to intervene.  Monsanto then bought the decision with lobbyists and administration favors.  Another Obama gaffe!

In other words, they’re doing whatever they want.  Consequences be damned!

This is the same company that in the past brought the pesticide DDT to market, the toxic industrial chemicals known as PCBs, and Agent Orange, the Vietnam-era defoliant which poisoned our soldiers with dioxins.  They also lab engineered saccharine which is known to cause cancer in laboratory rats among other health issues in humans.

No wonder people took to the streets this past weekend in defiance and outrage.  I won’t even address the possible short or long term affects: they are the stuff of nightmares.  Perhaps the public doesn’t necessarily understand all of the science but they do smell a rat in the process that was designed to protect them.

While an airliner’s batteries bursting in to flames causes certain danger to the passengers on board an unchecked genetic mutation in the wild could wipe out life as we know it.

One protester’s sign read: “Still wondering how the zombie outbreak started? One word: Monsanto.”

Another protester suggested: “If Monsanto needs a bill to protect them from legal action, then they must know what they are doing is illegal!”

Thanks Monsanto



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