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Catastrophe turned Conspiracy?

Yes, it is another note on the oil from BP’s massive Deepwater Horizon that continues to flow freely into the Gulf.  While efforts to contain the spill continue to develop, most Americans sit at remote locations seemingly helpless in being able to effectively contribute to the effort.  Although creative ideas continue to be shared in the form of home made YouTube videos and random blogs, we do not know what is really taking place.  And then there are those that are “tuning out” what is happening, trudging through the daily adventures of their own little worlds, and relegating themselves into acceptance of whatever the consequences will be.   We cannot afford to take the path of apathy on this…  There is more going on and at risk here than just the environment.

First, I do not believe it is one of the conspiracy theories that have been suggested.  What, you have not heard the biggies?  Well, here are some of the “most popular” in case you did not know:

  • North Korean Submarine fired a torpedo into the Oil Rig.  The reason was that many parts of this oil rig were made by the Hyundai Corporation (South Korean Corporation) and the North Koreans wanted to discredit their work along with making the United States look bad.
  • It’s a Hugo Chavez plot to insure that they maintained their position as one of the top oil suppliers in the western hemisphere
  • Extreme and elite environmentalists sabotaging new oil rigs after Obama effectively reversed his pre-election position towards the “Drill Baby Drill” groups.  The thought here was that if there was an “accident” that created an oil spill, and it was controlled/contained, the environmentalist would be able to say “told you so” and stop future off shore drilling.

And there are more out there, but based on the information available, we think all these conspiracy theories need to be dismissed…  Plain and simple, it is a major catastrophe!



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