Stuff that ConFoUNds, INSPIRES, proVoKes and PerpleXes us.


If you have a guy garage, you will accumulate tools for different projects.  It is here that we share our passions about tools.  Whether it is a purchase, a rental, or if you are fortunate enough to be able to borrow one, you might find something here that will help you out.

And then there is always the little “tips” and tricks that make it easier and ultimately give you greater pleasure and a better finished project.

With the assumption that our readers and contributors are relatively intelligent people, we might not include what may seem obvious to us.  We will happily try to respond or expand on any topic that we have posted.  And we do welcome (encourage) the “new and improved” information from anyone that wants to share in their adventures.

As a reminder, there is no way that we can share all of the information, so we apologize for any omissions.  We do strongly encourage that everyone conducts themselves with personal safety in mind.  We feel that it is critical that you read the manufactures information on tools and become familiar with your equipment.