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Top Reasons to go Boating

Several studies have shown that being with family and friends, relaxing and being outdoors, close to nature are the primary reasons people spend time on the water.  Now, after spending a lifetime enjoying boating, you can imagine what I thought about people actually getting paid to figure this out.  Anyone that likes the water knows that a family or group of friends doesn’t have to spend a fortune on a theme park vacation to have an experience that everyone will enjoy.

Boating is about Family.  Work.  School.  Music lessons.  Sport’s practice…  Sound familiar?  Feel like your family is being pulled in a million different directions?  Bring them back together on a boat!

Boating is about Friends, both old and new.   If you choose to, you will never have a problem filling your boat to capacity.  Just mention that you are going out and calendars will clear themselves as your friends scramble for the opportunity to get on the water.  Some of the best days is to invite several friends to a setting that is accessible by land or water.  Taking turns tubing or monitoring the coolers and grill on the beach can be a great way to get everyone involved.  And then there is a special comradery when you are on the water, exchanging friendly waves as you check out each others boat and accessories while skimming across the top of the water.  Did I mention that people actually stop and offer assistance or a tow if you look anything like you might be stranded?  And it is typical that they ask for nothing in return as they know it might be themselves one day that needs a new friend.

Time spent on a boat is quality time.  Whether you’re fishing, swimming, tubing or just cruising along taking in the scenery, you’re having fun together.  Out on the water there are no distractions.  You can focus on each other.  You can have conversations.  Share your stories and make new ones.  And laugh?  I cannot recall a boating experience without laughter.  Reconnect and create memories that will last a lifetime.  Life really is better on a boat.


Boating Lets You Relax

It’s hard not to relax when you’re on a boat.  Out on the water there are no computers.  Either cell phone coverage is poor or everyone puts their IPhone and Blackberries away so that they don’t get wet.  That’s right, virtually no interruptions.  This is the open water.  The fresh air.  The sun warming your face.  And a sense of freedom and adventure you can’t find anywhere else and your mind and soul are set for a full recharge in the making.


The only rules are the ones that you make.  And you’re free to break those.  Whether looking for blissful, deadline-free days or pulse-quickening adventures, you can find them on a boat.  After all, you’re the captain.

Great getaways are just a moment away with a boat.  You may be just a few miles from home, but it feels like you’re a million miles away from the hustle and bustle of your daily routine.  Go boating—and find the freedom to be your best.

wakeboarding, water skiing, getting air,You’ll never catch your limit of fun.   There are always new places to explore.  Bigger fish to catch.  Friends to be found.  And new memories to be made.  Reeling in the big one, catching air on the wakeboard or just taking in the scenery, after a full day of fun on the water, it is easy to remember why it’s called the “Great Outdoors”.

So there it is…  Top reasons is to get together with family and friends, discover a different world, and adjust your attitude.  Not so say that fishing, tubing, water skiing, wake boarding, knee boarding, or snorkeling does not rank up there in the top things to do.  Those are tops in our book also.  They just fall into a different chapter.