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Mr Natural

Many of you are wondering who this Natural fellow is.

Mr Natural is just a regular guy who uses too much energy, wastes too much clean, potable water, eats far too many processed foods, and drinks more than his share of liquids into which yeast have peed.Mr Natural whistling away

Even though Mr Natural sets the thermostat low in the winter and high in the summer Natural still uses more energy than any ten people in the developing world.  Efforts are made with ceiling fans and a wood stove but it doesn’t keep the variable fans from blowing in the dual zone HVAC system.  All the gadgets and gizmos Natural has plugged in use their fair share of electricity.  The aging SUV sucks down the gasoline more than willingly.

Natural coaches a few rec league teams and gets great joy from seeing the players learn new techniques and skills and then successfully implement them on the field of competition.

This natural person has several musical instruments which he plays far too infrequently.

Mr Natural gets up early in the morning, starts the coffee brewing and walks the dog.

Fishing is more than a pastime.  It’s a passion.  Finding a rod and reel in Mr Natural’s hands is a priority.

Mr Natural won’t waste time, ink or space and doesn’t use a “.” after the Mr.  Friends call him Natural, sometimes shortening it to just Natch.

Natural believes the Democrat v. Republican and Conservative v. Liberal arguments are there to hide the corporate oligarchy’s rape of the world and its resources.   He believes it’s shameful the way banks through the guise of the privately owned Federal Reserve suck the US taxpayers dry.

Being on and around water brings great joy and peace to Mr Natural and the idea of moving there permanently constantly invades his mind.

Mr Natural has several garden areas and grows tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, squash and leaf lettuce among other items.  Only organic gardening practices are used.  No synthetic fertilizers or treatments for the produce.  Multiple blueberry shrubs border one fenced-in area.  In addition, there are now two plum trees, two cherry trees, one nectarine and one peach.  We hope the peach tree pulls through as the deer debarked the trunk this past fall during the rut.

Mr Natural works from home where the need for a commute is eliminated.  After getting stuck in several traffic jams recently Mr Natural feels for the souls that must make a daily commute to earn a living.  With a home office Mr Natural doesn’t have to heat and cool two separate facilities.  Natural has learned to use the internet, email and social networking to his client’s advantage.

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