Stuff that ConFoUNds, INSPIRES, proVoKes and PerpleXes us.


A regular guy that enjoys a play on words and a little humor.  And yes, GatrDun is a play on words too…  A little humor, a little “drawl” to reflect the southern upbringing, a little attitude to jump in and get things done…  Even a little bit of the ol’ college mascot thrown in for good measure.

One of his favorite quotes is Latin.  “Felix qui potuit rerum cognoscere causus” (Happy is he that knows the cause of things).  Not that he can speak Latin or any foreign language, but he relates well to the translation.  Another favorite is “Sometimes the best answer is a good question”.

Outgoing and social, he has never met a stranger in his life.  Maybe it is the wide variety of work experience as a young man and in his professional career, or maybe it is due to being widely traveled throughout the US.  In either case, he enjoys people and generally can relate in some form to about everyone.   Rumor has it that sometimes he will talk to a stump as long as it doesn’t get up and move.

His work experience includes a variety of experiences from skilled trades, non typical jobs, and roles as mid and upper level management  at private and publicly traded companies.   He even did a few years living the childhood dream of growing up to be a cowboy for a few years, but that is another story.   He has survived reorganizations and relocation’s; and he has saw the future and moved on knowing that “strong swimmers jump in first”. All of these life experiences making him appreciate what each person does and is capable of doing.  He is an Op’s Guy that prefers to work smarter than harder.   Sometimes paralysis by analysis strikes him, but any appearance of procrastination is called critical planning sessions.

He enjoys providing for the family and helping friends and neighbors.  “Random acts of kindness” and “playing it forward” are some of his favorite distractions from the everyday responsibilities.

And lucky?  Well, maybe not in the sense of winning lotteries, but there is a certain “good karma”.  He believes that there is a reason that things happen, and it is up to us to see it with optimism and opportunity.  Although he can be skeptical and pessimistic at times, these attitudes last about 5 minutes and then “Life is good” and “It is what it is” prevails.  He has his passions, but these vary in nature and degree.  The biggest passion is to fill the pages of the adventure book with “good stuff”…

When it comes to opinions you know where he stands.  Although you may disagree, he appreciates a healthy exchange of ideas and the opportunity to learn more.  If it is not healthy, or you are stuck pontificating irrationally he has been known to just walk away.  It is not that intended to be rude, but if it is not at least a semi reciprocal relationship then why bother?

You can find Gatr Dun wandering the aisles at your local home improvement stores.  He is the one in an old gray pocket t-shirt (probably with a few stains), reading glasses on his forehead or end of his nose,  in search of the “right stuff” to finish one of the many projects from the honey do list…

Disclaimer – Without knowing what might come in the future writings, or who may read this….. To all: My intent is to provide a little humor while sharing my “perspective” that I have acquired through a lifetime of filling my own personal adventure book, much of which can be related to by others… I do not mean to offend anyone, but instead share wit and wisdom to make someone smile, or even laugh… It is what it is, and not meant to be anything more….

Perspective – the faculty of seeing all relevant data in a meaningful relationship…