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Everyone has different life experiences, and that is a beautiful thing.  Besides the balance of DNA and all those chromosomes, it is the life experiences and how they add up that makes us all different.  Billions of people in the world and no two are exactly the same.  Even identical twins are not really 100% identical.

So, this is where you get to meet the staff so to speak.  The characters who are characters.  The wizards behind the curtain (well, maybe that is stretching it a bit…)

We thought a lot about taunting our “real” names and beating our chest with bravado as we swing through the jungles of the internet, proclaiming to the world that we have a web page…  No, not really.  I’m joking…   That is not what this is about.  It is about sharing information from real people with real people.   And like when the points don’t really matter, we think that the names just don’t really matter.   At least not now or for the foreseeable future.

So, sit back and enjoy the ride, or even better, jump right in.  Share your thoughts, opinions and support.   And if you have something that you want to share, contact us for the opportunity to be a guest blogger.

By the way, if you like what you see, we would appreciate it if you would consider us as the place to make your purchase…  Rest assured that we are not going to “spam you”.  We hate it ourselves.

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